In our passion for the value of life, the ultrasound machine often speaks more elequantly than any of us can to the life and vitality of the unborn child. Statistically, around 86% of all women who see an image of their unborn child from an ultrasound machine choose life. We see those number play out at ZoeCare, as well, with about 9 out of 10 women choosing life after seeing the ultrasound image.

ZoeCare is a fully medical clinic. All of our medical procedures, incuding all ultrasound images, are overseen by a medical director. ZoeCare employs two licensed nurses who administer ultrasounds to our patients with compassion and grace.

We are fully medical but we are more than that, offering prayer, a shoulder to cry on, practical help and ongoing support for patients. Our professional medical staff are first of all ministers of Christ, attending to the whole person.

pregnancy testing

Our journey with a young woman (and man) usually begins with a simple pregnancy test. Our tests are accurate and reliable, and are given to a patient before an ultrasound is performed. Being pregnant can be a very stressful, fearful thing, and, for many of our patients, the prospect of having a child does not strike them as good news. Our medical staff and patient advocates are there to comfort, offer hope and practical direction after a positive pregnancy test.

STI/STD Testing & Treatment

The spead of STI's (sexually transmitted infections) and STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) continues to grow into a bigger and bigger problem.

Some sobering facts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Undiagnosed STD's cause about 24,000 women to become infertile each year in the U.S.
  • Half of all sexually-active people will contract an STD by the age of 25.
  • About 35% of gonorrhea and 55% of chlamydia cases go undiagnosed.
  • Estimated 1 in 6 sexually-active people aged 14-19 years has genital herpes (an incurable virus), 90% of whom don't know they have the disease.

ZoeCare has positioned itself to offer the love and compassion of Christ to the hurting people suffering from these STI's and STD's. As the Body of Christ, we have the opportunity to speak into their lives and their situations and offer no-strings-attached love. We are grateful to have a doctor giving of her time to offer the professional and compassionate care.

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