ZoeCare does not exist on its own. It is designed to be an offshoot of the local church. That is our desire. To do what we do, we must be a part of the larger faith community. We do not wish to do anything on our own. We are called to be in fellowship with the Body of Christ, not just in our personal interactions but in carrying out God's mission.

ZoeCare wants to come alongside all of Jesus' Church to carry out His mission together. We actively look for ways that we can be involved in what local congregations are doing to fulfill Christ's purposes and for ways that churches can partner with us to see God's work done in our organization.

We recognize that the bulk of our patients need more than just what we can provide them, as good an initial touch as it may be. For longterm health and healing, they need to be surrounded by the faith community who can love them and show them Jesus. That is our desire. So we need the churches.

ZoeCare also provides a Christian an opportunity to work the "front lines", as it were, to meet the world where they are and to show the love of Christ to non-believers in a very real way. We have many opportunities for church members to volunteer to make a profound difference in the lives not only of the unborn but of the child's parents as well.

If you are a church leader and ZoeCare has not connected with you, please contact us so that we can be a part of what you're doing and vice versa.

Every morning, the ZoeCare staff prays for a local church body during our devotions. Let us know how we can pray for you.

Ways we work together

  • Integrate ZoeCare patients into church functions & programs
  • Financial and parenting classes for ZoeCare patients
  • ZoeCare training of church members in how to compassionately care for unwed pregnant women & couples [see safe harbor]
  • ZoeCare presentations on the sanctity of life, the importance of fathers, and compassionate care [see Events]
  • Prayer (ZoeCare for churches; churches for ZoeCare) [see Volunteer]
  • Provide ZoeCare's services to church members [see Programs]
  • Bring awareness to the church congregation of the issues of abortion, life, poverty, fatherlessness, sexual integrity [see Events]
  • A way for church people to interact with non-believers in a tangible, powerful way [see Volunteer]
  • Bring relationship training and sexual education to the youth of the church [see 45NOrth]
  • Church financial support of ZoeCare [see Donate]