safe harbor:
Training & Prevention

Jesus holds the monopoly on the zoe life. Therefore the local Christian Church provides ZoeCare's patients with access to the hope of the world. At ZoeCare, we believe that our connection with the local church fellowships is key to seeing the will of God done in our organization and the people we serve. As we carry out the will of God in the Gallatin Valley, our desire is that the local churches can be a support for us and also we for them. One way we can offer that assistance to churches is through our Safe Harbor program.

Here are some sobering statistics:

  • Over 4 in 10 abortions performed in this country are done on teens and women who regularly attend a Christian church.
  • 76% of women who've had an abortion say the church had no influence on their decision to keep or abort their child.
  • The father of the child is the most influential person (38%) in the woman's decision to have an abortion; the local church is the least influential (1%).
  • The Christian churches in America contribute about $180-200 million annually to the abortion industry through on-demand abortions.

People in the church make mistakes. Young, unmarried pregnant couples in the church sometimes perceive (often injustly) that their sin will result in shame and condemnation on them and their loved ones. Rather than confront their sin, too often they seek to "eliminate" it by resorting to abortion.

ZoeCare wants to attack these statistics head on. By working with local churches to train groups of Life Disciples, we can provide a place of compassion and grace where young pregnant people can come to receive the support they need to not only carry the child to term but to be equipped to parent well or understand their options for adoption.

A culture of life begins in our churches.

What to help? Become a Life Disciple!